Who we are?

» Research Specialists who EMPOWER brands and clients through KNOWLEDGE «

WE are boutique FULL-SERVICE agency covering the entire ME-NAP region having our strong footprint for more then a decade. WE provide one stop solution for all your Qualitative and Quantitative research needs.WE take pride in our business philosophy for being RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE & INNOVATIVE PARTNER.

Our History
Established in 2002 and operating in Middle East with its Head Quarters in UAE, Dimensions has expanded its coverage over North America, North Africa & Asia through global partners.

What do we do?
From its inception, Dimensions has been a Full Service Agency offering its customized Qualitative & Quantitative Services to the world.

Our Philosophy
Dimensions is proud of its business philosophy for being Reliable, Flexible and Innovative Partner. Our Commitment to clients is based on the below Strengths.


  Strong network within the Middle East Region through our own offices or strong partners.

√  Strong client management system to bring you the best services.

 Single Point of Contact Service.



What’s In Our DNA?

 » OUR aim is To empower managers by equipping them with the latest knowledge of their markets «

Our core values:


What is Our Competitive Edge?

        » Our core expertise is in Automotive and particularly Car Clinics, also in FMCG sector with customer satisfaction and product/concept test studies «