» Excellent Ad testing tool for marketers « 

Conceptualizer/ Adalyzer

 It is best used in a two stage design: Pre and Post Launch Testing. A pre and post test of  Adalyzer provides an advanced analytical system to calculate the Ad’s impact on brand’s health. Such as change in brand awareness and change in brand image.

A Pre and a Post Adalyzer  wave  combined make a power tool for identifying real impact on brand.At the post production stage Adalyzer is the best tool to test the unfinished TVC and improve it to  create an impactful campaign.

 Depending upon the objective of the AD, this tool highlights the main message audience would get from it and how it would perform on its intended objective. These objectives could be Persuasion, Branding, Recall and Relevance.

 Notability, Brand image, Enjoyment or focus on the intended image. This tool is flexible to be used for an animated concept or a finished ad.  At the concept stage of your creative this product provides in-depth diagnostics on the idea, the text, the logo, the slogan, the characters, the brand, the message and all other aspect of the concept. Findings from Conceptualizer are used to fine tune the concept before it goes into production, which is usually privy.

How Conceptualizer/ Adalyzer works?

First it is important to understand how advertising translates into purchase?


Comparison with Dimensions’ norms database.

An excellent tool to predict your customer’s opinion about your brand through your creative before your customers do.  A Pre and a Post wave (of an Ad) can highlight its impact on the brand in reality.