Do you send RFQs to middle east agencies and wait for all of them to respond with different level of information and pricing?

 Are you struggling to respond to your clients for middle east projects because you are not present directly?

 Do you wish to connect with middle east agencies to conduct research for your clients but do not know their strengths and background?

 Do you need quick responses to RFQs for research projects in middle east?

 Are you looking for research partner in Middle East?

 Do you have research project which requires supplier in Middle East?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then you need to understand D-Connect model, that has below benefits:

There is no registration fee but Dimensions would charge 5% of the project cost. This would be once we have project commissioned through us and the fee is charged for offering two key services:

  1. To Connect the region supplier with you.
  2. Supervise the work as third party agency. (Fieldwork audit, back checking, systems, logs and procedures along with quality assurance deliverables).

Try it now, send us your project requirements and information and we will do our best assisting you.

For further information and inquiries, you may Email us at d-connect@dimensionsintl.com