Dimensions Research is a rapidly growing market research company with strong capability offering substantial value to its clients. We are looking for global partners who can help us in acquiring new ventures and reaching out to newer markets.

D-Partner (Dimensions Partnership Model) is an exciting commercial affiliation allowing us to have mutual growth in many ways. Being a D-Partner means that

 Together, we will conduct strategic research in multiple localized languages around the world, offering solutions to corporations on running multicountry projects.

 We will share our knowledge and expertise for local markets and past research studies.

 We will offer competitive and best prices to each other for any research or marketing projects within our coverage area.

 We will offer unique insights that enhance our partner offerings allowing us to win potential projects from clients.

 We can exchange company logos on websites. This would be a global partner advertisement.

 We have active D-Partners in several markets, which allow you to be global for your clients.

 To become a Partner, simply download and fill out the registration form and send it to d-partner@dimensionsintl.com And we will get back to you immediately.

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