Mystery Shopping

Profit and Loss ledgers, shrinkage reports, traffic counts, and conversion rates are essential to decision-makers in almost every business. However, these traditional statements only reflect what has been happening in your business. On the other hand, mystery shopping reports will help you know why your business is performing the way it is. Our reports let you know what is happening ‘in the trenches’ of your business; at the moment of truth, where your customers meet your front line teams or channel partners.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping goes by many names: Secret Shopping; Anonymous Audits; Virtual Customers; Employee Evaluations; Performance Audits; Telephone Checks. Mystery shopping is a valuable coaching tool used by top companies to improve their level of customer service, resulting in increasing sales, customer loyalty, and positive word of mouth advertising.

Undercover “shoppers” anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, merchandising, product quality, and other elements of your customer’s experience. Before conducting their evaluations, we provide our shoppers with very specific training and instructions, uniquely designed for your business.Mystery shopping programs measure sales and service quality during each and every step of a service encounter, from start to finish. Our shoppers are thoroughly trained to observe and understand the importance of each part of a service encounter.

Businesses use mystery shopping programs to better understand, and to continually improve upon their customer’s experience. Premier Service will help you use the information in the reports as valuable training tools. Our reports should be used to reward employees for exceptional customer service, and to coach those that may need some improvement. Our reports will show you which of your team members are complying with your service standards. When used as a positive reinforcement tool, shopper evaluations go far in boosting employee morale.

The unique aspect of mystery shopping, in contrast to other business reports, is the full amount of Sales Associate or Server accountability attributable to the results. Whereas typical accounting reports are dependent on many factors external to your stores and sales associates (such as the weather, construction, mall traffic, and so forth), mystery shopping reports are not. The result is full accountability of the service provider, resulting in an effective training, coaching and feedback tool for your Human Resources and Operations teams.

How often should you carry out mystery shopping visits?

Most retailers schedule in-store visits once or twice per month, while others ask that branches be visited as many as five times per week in order to identify specific issues. It all depends on your specific needs and commitment to customer service. For best results, we generally recommend two visits per location, per month. The frequency of visits is entirely flexible. In our opinion, the amount of monthly visits is less important than what your team does with the information we collect for you. The key is to maximize every single dollar spent on a mystery shopping program.

Can mystery shopping have a negative impact on your operations?
We hate to say it, but… yes! Any type of evaluation, including a mystery shop, has the potential to negatively affect the person being evaluated. Mystery shopping exists to improve employee motivation, customer service and of course, sales. Accordingly, it is paramount that specific guidelines be put in place before the launch of a mystery shopping program. Associates should never feel as though “Big Brother is watching”. Employees must understand that no one will ever lose his or her job on account of a poor mystery shopping evaluation. Rather, mystery shopping programs should be used for the basis of training and coaching programs. While mystery shopping programs provide you with invaluable information about what is going on at store level, the report need not focus on the negative. With nearly two decades experience of launching successful mystery shopping programs, we will offer you the most innovative tools and advice on how to launch and implement a successful mystery shopping program in your business.

What makes our mystery shopping reports so beneficial?

» Fully customized reports suit your business needs.

Every company is unique, and our mystery shopping reports take this into account. Before our shoppers visit your locations, we will design a report to meet your exact needs. Some retailers focus primarily on upselling and suggestive selling techniques. Others place a higher emphasis on staff smiles and friendliness. Others still are concerned with business abuse and shrinkage. As your associates reach higher levels of sophistication and sales abilities, our programs keep up. We can add, change, or remove questions at any time.

» Top caliber Mystery Shoppers ensure top quality reports.

Good mystery shoppers form the backbone of any mystery shopping program. Therefore, we are extra careful in selecting shoppers who are professional, observant and share our passion for customer service. All our mystery shoppers are trained, tested, and re-tested before shopping and we do not subcontract any mystery shopping to other firms. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the insightful and informative reports our shoppers submit and we are certain you will be too.

» All-inclusive pricing simplifies budgeting.

The pricing of our mystery shopping program is 100% all-inclusive. We simplify our pricing structure, making it easier for our clients to budget and understand what they are paying for. Although we would happily tailor any pricing scheme to meet your specific needs, our mystery shopping programs are typically priced on a per-report basis. Report designs and revisions, automobile expenses, delivery charges, faxing and phone costs are never added to your invoice. Our statistical reports in Excel, SPSS or PDF format are also included. There are never any hidden costs.

» Flexible report format and delivery meet your technological and scheduling needs.

We deliver your reports when and how you need them, using your preferred software platform. We can deliver reports monthly, weekly, on an ad hoc basis, or on any other schedule that best suits your needs. Our forms can also be viewed and printed from any computer. We can e-mail the reports to anyone you wish (Area Supervisors, District Managers, etc.) or we can place them on our password-protected server, so that only authorized team members may download them from any web browser. Our reports have some very unique features that we would love to show you.

» No Risk, 100% Risk Free Guarantee.

We promise to deliver 100% of your reports on time. Although our reviewers proofread every single report before submission to your office, should you feel that a report was not done to your utmost satisfaction, the store will be shopped again, at no cost to you. There are no start-up costs, and no minimum number of reports to order. We will even work alongside other mystery shopping companies. We do not require exclusivity, and you may stop the program whenever you wish.

Sample Mystery Shopping Programs

Our mystery shopping solutions benefit companies from every conceivable industry. Mystery shopping is a valuable measurement and coaching tool within any B2B or B2C industry that involves customer contact, especially when this contact influences buying behavior. We will work with you to create a program that is customized to your needs and evolves with your organization.

In 1991, we started working in industries “typically” associated with mystery shopping – retail clothing stores and restaurants. Things sure have changed!

At Premier Service, we feel that we have contributed not only to our clients’ successes, but also to the success of our entire industry. From A to Z, here are but a few examples of industries that can benefit from our innovative programs:

√ Amusement parks √ Fast Food and Quick Serve Restaurants
√ Apartment leasing √ Fine dining
√ Automotive dealerships √ Gas stations
√ Banks and Financial services √ Grocery
√ Big Box retailers √ Hair Salons and Spas
√ Books and Music stores √ Home Improvement Centers
√ Call centres √ Hotels
√ Car rentals √ Jewelers
√ Clothing stores √ Night Clubs
√ Coffee shops √ Pet stores
√ Condominiums √ Schools and universities
√ Consumer goods √ Sporting complexes
√ Demonstration kiosks √ Storage facilities
√ Drive-Thrus √ Zoos

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