Shop Along Research

» Tune in to how Your Shoppers Shop and discover the decision process that occurs at the specific moment of purchase «

In-store ethnographic interviews, also referred to as Shop alongs are interviews conducted in the context of a retail environment with the goal of uncovering greater insight into a shopper’s needs and attitudes in the context where behavior takes place.

Objectives: Shop along6

Shop Alongs are used In-Store to:

Examine actual shopping behavior rather than claimed behavior.
The triggers of the need or desire for the product
• The behaviors that take place in the store and in the aisle.
• The role of in-store sampling, displays, signage, multi-media promotional efforts, customer service, etc.
• Allows for interaction with consumers and deeper probing during the shopping process


Experience differs by Shopper Personality: Shop 

STEP 1: Look for preferred Brand (Hypermarket & Supermarket, Product Category.

STEP 2: Scan horizontally shelves to locate preferred product.

STEP 3: Recall NEED and go back to the plan.



Shop along2


• Loyalist will spot their brand and look for their preferred product.

• They look for their product by SKIN TYPE or by BENEFIT depending on the shelf orientation.

Bargainer:Shop along3

 “BUY 1+1” “% Discount”, “Super saver”

• First preference to the promotion and then to the product /brand.

• May purchase product even if available at home for the next month, making use of the promotion.





Shop along4 shop along5

• Will explore new products & brands based on skin type, benefit, innovation & new product launch

• Tend to IGNORE beauty advisors.

• Prefer reading about the product on the package and evaluate product.