Training & Branding

» Having more highly skilled workforce gives greater Productivity & Competitiveness, eventually leading to Business Growth «


Great training makes great leaders.
Not everyone is a natural born leader or customer service guru. Luckily, many skills that are not innate can be taught! Ongoing training and refresher courses are necessary to ensure that your team’s knowledge and skills are optimized. We deliver our exciting and fast-paced workshops in both English and French. From elaborate courses, to 60-minute “Lunch ‘n’ Learns”, we are proud to offer training programs that suit your requirements and of course, your budget.
We will also help you identify any other areas where training may benefit your organization and we will work with subject matter experts to create custom-designed training programs and workshops

Our customized workshops are typically divided into three main categories:
Leadership Workshops “Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

There is a difference between managing and leading!
We believe that offering customer service that not only meets, but exceeds your customers’ expectations is the key to setting yourself apart from your competition. If there are two people that can make the most difference in your stores: it’s your District Manager and Store Manager. This is where we can help. Our Leadership Development courses help turn your managers into leaders.

» Our courses include the following topics:
   • Managing vs. Leading
   • Giving feedback that works
   • Listening vs. Hearing – There is a difference!
   • Setting goals that work
   • We put an entertaining and exciting spin onto things that will get your managers pumped!
   • Ask us for course outlines!

» Increasing sales through Customer Service Workshops
Our interactive workshops ensure that your teams know how to give great service, and that they want to give great service. We limit the amount of theory, and throw in as many anecdotes as possible to get our points across. Sample topics include:
   • Serving versus Selling – there is a difference!
   • Listening to your customers
   • The importance of Customer Service
   • Overcoming customers’ objections
   • The Customer Service mirror
   • Dealing with the customer from hell!
   • Closing the sale
   • Our multimedia workshops are fun, highly entertaining, and will succeed in getting your message across to your sales staff!
   • Write us for references about workshops we have done in the past!

» Recruiting Workshops
Candidate selection, whether for external hires or internal redeployment, is of critical importance to any organization. Once a manager has hired the right people for the right jobs, everything changes!
With our background in recruiting, both virtually and in-person, our team will share our ‘best practices’ approach to recruiting and selecting the best candidates for your organization.
We will systematically take you through the recruitment and selection process, leaving you with concrete tools that show you:
   • How to perform a job analysis and put together a job description
   • How to source candidates
   • Using the internet as an effective sourcing tool
   • How to read a resume and what to look for
   • How to do telephone screening
   • How to conduct an interview
   • How to check references and more…

Our Modules
This defines Brand Equity and imparts understanding of and hands-on practice with the key tools for:
   • Brand Equity Cause-Effect Ladder.
   • Road map to Equity.
   • Building a Power Positioning.
   • Creating a Power Brand Identity.
   • The Brand Idea & Communications Planning.
   • Building a Power Client/Agency Partnership.
   • Developing Power Advertising.
   • Holistic Communications Power.
Recommended time frame – 4.5 days
   • Defining “Great” Advertising.
   • Relevance vs. Realism.
   • Client/Agency Partnership.
   • Power Briefing.
   • Evaluating & Developing Power Advertising.
   • Getting The Team Aligned.
Recommended time frame – 2 days
   • Need for Positioning.
   • The one Sentence Discipline.
   • Positioning Rules.
   • The 6 Positioning Strategies.
   • The Brand Capsule.
   • Target Marketing.
   • Choosing Your Competitive Set.
   • A Power “Owned” Benefit.
   • Reason To Believe.
Recommended time frame: 2 days
   • The Advertising/Sales Connection.
   • The PFA Principle.
   • Principles & Format for Power Briefs.
   • The Creative’s as the Target for the Brief.
   • Principles for Brief-ING – must be in person.
Recommended time frame: 1 day

Brand Development
Every action we take is either a DEPOSIT or a WITHDRAWAL in the BANK of BRAND EQUITY!”DAN ADAMS, CEO

Benefits to OUR Approach to Brand Development
   • Powerful concepts – simply explained.
   • Interactive methodology – case studies, team exercises & feedback.
   • Customized modules to address your unique business requirements.
   • Vast experience of Dan Adams & the Global DAC Network in the areas of brand equity, identity & communications.

Over the years Dimensions has established strong partnerships with many professionals, one of which is the Daniel Adams Company, specialists in marketing and training:

Powerful Brands…managed by professionals with world-class skills … in companies whose culture and systems support brand building.

Founded in 1979 and still led by Daniel N. Adams, Jr.- a deep thinker with a passion for brands as the source of marketplace leadership and consumer-based innovation.

Through a network of like-minded professionals, the firm expresses the philosophy, experience and style of its founder:
   • Profound thinking expressed with brilliant simplicity.
   • Brands should serve their consumers with entrepreneurial commitment.
   • Share global truths with respect for local realities.
   • Marketing should be simple and fun – the complex does not work.