Usage & Attitude Research

» The who-what-when-where-how dynamics of your category or market «

Studies of Awareness, Attitudes and Usage enable marketers to quantify levels and trends in consumer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and behaviors (actual and intended).

Usage and attitude studies investigate all aspects of the relationship between users and a specific product, service or market taking stock of your market and give you an opportunity to thoroughly review your product or service within its marketplace so that you can understand its appeal, strengths, weaknesses and any gaps in the offering.

This type of research allows you to understand the strength of your presence in the market, get a clear picture of your brand’s position in the marketplace, what your consumers value, and where opportunities lie.


• Identify brand loyalty & what drives it.
• Understand how behavior and usage changes by brand.
• Why consumers buy specific brands (and what is distinctive about these consumers).
• Identify any gaps between needs and performance (opportunities).
• Brand evaluation against competitors.
• Lifestyle, media consumption, attitudes – provide detailed analysis opportunities.
• The basis for a customer segmentation study.

Understanding Decision Making Process:


Customer Profiling – Customer Segmentation:

Customer profiling