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At Dimensions, we suggest qualitative research to help our clients when the business challenges are too complex or impossible to measure with standardized instruments. Our qualitative researchers are specialists in discovering the richness of people’s thoughts and experiences. We help our clients understand the whyhow, or in what way behind a particular action or customer behavior.


Qualitative research helps answer the “Why is that a problem”

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    Qualitative Analytical Capabilities

    Moderators Projective Techniques

    Our experienced qualitative researchers will go to the most inner layer of emotions of the consumer by using these creative and interactive techniques and bring to the table actionable insights. Our experienced moderators bring the voice of the consumer into marketing decision making


    Systematic unfolding of unknown reasons for behaviour.

    Word Association

    Leveraging words to explain how a concept/ brand is perceived.

    Sentence completion

    Understanding expectations from a brand or a communication message.


    Using human, animal, celebrity characteristics to understand perception.

    Bubble Drawing

    Extract values & emotions repressed due to social or cultural reasons.

    House Building

    Understanding the construct and importance of marketing mix elements.


    Leveraging visuals to extract needs and emotions from subconscious.

    Brand Mapping

    Understanding how competitive brands are perceived and empathised.

    Crystal Gazing

    Predicting future consumer needs based on current paradigms.