Qualitative Research

Every marketer wants to know what’s happening on the other side of the window. What do consumer perceive what they see.

With extensive experience and significant knowledge of projective techniques our moderators are able to dig out more sensitive beliefs from the most insensitive respondents without making them feel how deep they really went.

We encourage our clients to attend all their focus groups as this is the best platform to get first hand feedback form customers. Our clients get to see and hear their customers engaged in their brand discussion from adjacent room in the same facility.

Researchers with significant knowledge of the local culture and experience on human psychology are able to de-brief clients and give their expert opinion immediately after group discussions. This is what our clients value most about our qualitative researchers.



Qualitative research methodologies offered
   • In-depth interviews (individual).
   • Paired interviews (Couples / friends).
   • Mini Groups (3-4 respondents).
   • Full group (6-8 respondents).

Our deliverable
   • Recruitment questionnaire (Multilingual).
   • Discussion guide (Multilingual).
   • Simultaneous translations.
   • Group Discussion viewing facility for client.
   • Moderator’s brief after groups.
   • Top lines.
   • Presentation of findings.

Commonly used projective techniques
   • Laddering.
   • Word association.
   • Sentence completion.
   • Story completion.
   • Personification celebrity.
   • Bubble drawing.