Quantitative Research

Understanding how a typical consumer thinks helps you understand how a segment thinks. Knowing how segments behave helps you picture how your market is moving. We help you decide how to win your consumer in your targeted segments.

Strong quantitative research skills combined with comprehensive marketing & branding knowledge and a flair of local culture makes our researchers put together reports that make perfect sense.

Our quantitative services include research on:
   • Advertising & Branding.
   • Product Design & Development.
   • Pricing Sensitivity Measurement.
   • Brand Health Tracking.
   •  Mystery Shopping.
   •  Stage, Lifestyle and Life trends.
   • Brand Price Share Simulation.
   • Customer Satisfaction.
   • Customer Segmentation & Targeting.
   • Employees Satisfaction.

Quantitative research methodologies:
   • On-line interviews.
   • CATI.
   • Face To Face.   

Our deliverable:
   • Questionnaires (Multilingual).
   • Translations.
   • Data Entry.
   • Cross Tabs.
   • Conventional Statistical analysis.
   • Presentation of findings

Commonly used statistical techniques:
   • Significance testing.
   • Correlation.
   • Linear regression.
   • Multivariate Analysis.
   • Correspondence Analysis.
   •  Conjoint Analysis.
   • Factor Analysis.
   • Cluster Analysis.